Azikel Trucks Sand Loader Azikel Dredger

Who We Are

Azikel Dredging started the business of sand supply as a fulfillment of the need for sand for upgrading the challenging terrain of the Niger Delta, being an area that is constantly undergoing rapid infrastructural development.

The journey started several years ago, with Azikel being in the business of bulk...


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Our Equipment

Azikel is endowed with various forms of new heavy-duty machinery. They include:


Azikel Quick Prices

Order now! Current prices include:

  • One Small Bucket (1SBK): N2,000.00
  • Two Small Bucket (2SBK): N4,000.00
  • Three Small Bucket (3SBK): N6,000.00
  • Four Small Bucket ( 4SBK): N8,000.00
  • One Big Bucket (1BBK): N2,600.00
  • Two Big Bucket ( 2BBK): N5,200.00

Click here for details and more sand prices. Sandfilling and reclamation enjoys special contractual bargain