Fusion Machine

fusion machine

Azikel invested heavily in purchasing the newest technology of dredging and acquired the electothemomechanical fusion machine for the automated fusing/joining or welding of pipes.

Azikel fusion machines work on the principle of joining the dredging pipeline under pressure to form a continuous tube for dredging purposes. This pipeline maintains a unique pressure throughout. Hence, there is no leakage or loss of pressure on the pipeline. With the fusion machine, Azikel has the capacity to join 40ft pieces of pipe to a continuous discharging tube of 1000 meters.

Azikel’s fusing machine is designed to fuse pipes ranging from 6 inches to 36 inches. This machine has the capacity of fusing about 10 pieces of 40 ft HDPE pipes daily. It is a noise-free, safe and efficient machine. This indeed is the turning point in dredge operations.