1. Achieving a leadership position in the supply and sale of sand, delivering cheap, affordable and reliable sand in quality and quantity.
  2. To be highly reputable and reliable dredging, reclamation/sand filling experts and miners of sand, gravel and other aggregates ensuring confidence in dredging activity.

  3. To consistently and promptly supply sand and filling materials to customers within the shortest possible time, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction and value for money.

  4. Provide equipment, trucks and construction tools to customers at affordable rental prices in a straight non-ambiguous business operation.

  5. Improving confidence for the usages of pre-molded bricks and interlocking stones, ensuring customers save cost and time in molding activities.

  6. Attaining highly respected professional organizations that provide sand, dredging and reclamation services, hiring of new modern reliable equipment and trucks thereby determines standard in the construction industry.

  7. Consistently and continuously providing for the motivation, enhancement of company human resources through development of welfare programmes, human resources comfort and intrinsic and extrinsic support to human resources as well as development of capacity.