Work boat

Azikel MultiCatWorkBoat(MV ALLWELL)
Model No: TEQ-4115-2-550

Preliminary specifications

Overall Length                                          40’ -9”(12.42m)
Overall Width                                           14’ -11 ½”(4.46m)
Maximum air draft                                    29’(8.84m)
Hull depth                                                 6’(1.8m)
Boat Fuel capacity                                    400 gallons (1614liters)


Deck and sides:                                         ¼”(6.35mm)
Bottom:                                                     5/16”(7.94mm)
Engine room bulkhead:                    3/8”(9.53mm)
All other bulkheads:                                  ¼”(6.35mm)
Headlong and Transom                    ½”(12.7mm)
Framing:                                                 3” x 2” x ¼” angle on 24” center
(73.2mm x 50.8mm x 6.35mm-609.6mm)

Pilot House and Crews’ Quarters

  1. All steel construction fully enclosed
  2. Controls located in pilot house
  3. Space to mount customer supplied sonar survey equipment, radio, GPS and cooking hotplate with power outlets
  4. A/C installed in pilot house and crews’ quarters
  5. Sleeping accommodation for 4 crew members
  6. Sink and toilet

Engines (2)

  1. Twin caterpillar model C9 industrial style diesel engines with continuous rating of  275bhp(205bkW) @200 RPM each
  2. Caterpillar premium gages and alarms
  3. Exhaust silencers – 6”(152mm)
  4. Keel cooling


  • Twin Disc model MG5091SC with a 2.95:1 ratio – reversible